• Stillwater Twp Culvert Repair

    This project consisted of excavating to find a culvert that had been buried for years. The goal was to extend the culvert so it would no longer be covered and then clean the culvert ensuring it will properly flow water. The project was a perfect example of what teamwork and good planning will produce. Even through there were many challenges on this project such as digging around gas, electric, and communication lines along with ensuring traffic can get by, we were able to do it safely and effectively.

  • Afton Driveway Construction

    The goal of this project was to cut in a 700' long driveway and prepare the property for a future house to be built. The construction driveway is built from two feet thick of 3" minus limestone base rock. This will allow water to drain properly while creating an extremely solid foundation for concrete trucks, semi's and many more vehicles to travel over during the construction process. This will also set up a great sub base for when the final lift of gravel and asphalt are added to the driveway.

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