Carson Schifsky

Colton Schifsky

Business Acquisition

In 2020 Colton & Carson purchased their first business. This was their parents Landscaping company that they had grown up working in. This is where everything started, without the lessons taught by mom and dad here at an early age, they wouldn't be nearly as educated in the construction industry as they are today. 

"We have been working in the Twin Cities construction industry since 1989. Growing up in a family business from Stillwater, MN that has been in the Industry since 1989 we have lived our whole life around the projects, equipment, and people that make this industry. In 2017 we decided to start Schifsky Companies and have been working towards growing the company into something great. 


Growing up outdoors all the time I have a genuine love for nature and that's what I love about my job. I get to go to work every day and meet new people and work outdoors. Some of my side hobbies include creating content for my YouTube channel. YouTube is a way I can share my experiences and connect with other people in this industry."

-Carson Schifsky

"We stand by our work and the people that we work with. Being APLD & MNLA members shows that." 


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